Lead Instructor for Food Education Summer Camp

Hungry Education is working with Reading Terminal Market to offer a summer camp celebrating the Market's 125th Anniversary. The camp is being held on site at the Market the week of August 20-24. Our camp will explore the past, present and future of Reading Terminal Market with a camper capstone project of designing a Reading Terminal Market of the future.

We are seeking applicants with an education background and classroom experience. Interest in food and food systems and some experience with project-based learning preferred. Applicants must be able to pass the three required PA clearances, lift up to 50 pounds, and keep up with active children. Highly competitive pay, lots of classroom support in the form of an assistant instructor and junior counselors. Please send questions and resumes to megan@hungryeducation.com.

Hungry Education Pre-C Instructor

Hungry Education is looking for educators who are as obsessed with food as much as we are and are looking to change the conversation around food and food education. We believe that healthy food relationships are the missing “X” factor in long-term, successful food education and that it is important to have a healthy relationship with all food, not just healthy food.

Hungry Education is an early-stage food education start-up, based in Philadelphia, PA. Hungry believes that when we give food a larger role in daily life, we can nourish the mind, strengthen confidence, and make the intangible easier to digest.

We are currently hiring contract educators to teach our Pre-C (pre-cooking) classes to children ages 2.5-4 and their families, using our unique, play-based approach. Pre-C serves children ages 2.5-4 years of age in daycare, preschool, and playgroup settings. Pre-C instructors provide class instruction to a maximum of 15 kids per class. Class instruction includes leading children through a themed lesson, helping children prepare a snack, and reinforcing lessons through art, storytelling, music, and movement. Each class lesson is 45-50 minutes long with 10 minutes of pre-class handwashing and post-class “clean up”.

We’re looking for educators who are comfortable with using a play-based approach (flexible with the ability to jump in at a moment’s notice with positive redirection), can multi-task like a pro, do not view food from the singular lens of “healthy eating”, and honors the complex relationship that very young children have with food.  

** Please note: Hungry focuses on healthy food relationships, which sometimes involves healthy food but not always. We are not interested in hearing from people who approach food education from only a healthy eating standpoint. We are also not interested in people who are looking to exclusively share their chosen dietary approach.

Interested? Please send us a copy of your resume and/or an email outlining your education experience and why you’d like to come work for us to megan@hungryeducation.com. Extra points are given if you can tell us why you love food!