For the first three years of its existence (2015-2018), Hungry Education provided classes, workshops, and camps to children and their families throughout the Delaware Valley Region. During that time, we worked with hundreds of families from diverse backgrounds. We used a combination of experiential knowledge as food educators and parents, and research to design our classes. Our approach to food education was divergent and unique. Rather than focusing exclusively on nutrition or limiting food experiences to the decoration of cookies and cupcakes, we had children as young as two learning about food and their relationship to food.

Our classes defined new ways of food education for children. We offered a play-based approach for very young children and their families as a way to build early positive relationships and, equally important, create stronger connections between families around food experiences. For older children, Hungry Education took an experiential learning approach which not only introduced children to food and cooking but also broader issues surrounding food. 

While we were very proud (and still are) of our work in food education, profitable growth in the space of children's education is hard to achieve. In 2017, Hungry Education began working with businesses in Philadelphia, designing educational programming for their clients and customers. In 2018, we made the hard decision to end our direct-to-consumer services. 

Our work of three years with families has served us well. We have been able to test out our program design work in real-time and make crucial adjustments. We have gained considerable insights into how families eat, shop, and prepare food and what parents are looking for in terms of their child's relationship to food. Hungry Education has worked with parents of children with extreme forms of picky eating who long for less struggle for their children. We take all of this experience and information and bring that to the table in our work with companies. Please take a look at our case studies and services to learn more.

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Reading Terminal Market:
Food for Folk

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Picky Eating, A Love Story


Philadelphia Science Fest:
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