Don’t touch...just kidding!

It’s no secret that positive experiences build confidence and curiosity in kids. Our Pre-C (pre-cooking) classes are designed to introduce young children to the incredible world of food, creating memories that will lay the foundation for future learning.

Our approach is simple. Through food exploration, we integrate all four learning styles — visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic — ensuring that every child is engaged. We allow them to touch, smell, and ask “why” as much as they want!

Incorporating all of the senses allows for more cognitive connections and associations, helping kids to learn more quickly and, most importantly, remember what they’ve learned. This is especially valuable for children who learn through moving and doing and may have a hard time sitting still in traditional classroom settings.

Bonus: Putting the children in control of what they do is an enormous confidence booster!  

Hey, what’s going on in here?

In a Hungry class, you’ll find kids doing hands-on food exercises, singing, playing games, and reading. It is a busy place and we like it that way! Along with learning a bunch of cool things about food, our curriculum...

  • Sharpens cognitive skills, such as problem solving and math
  • Enhances linguistic development, using touch to aid expressive language
  • Exercises gross and fine motor skills
  • Encourages creative thinking and open-ended questions
  • Creates memories, the most important ingredient when building a relationship!